India vs South Africa 1st Test Day 2 Live: KL Rahul’s century will sail India’s way in the Centurion Test, team eyes 250 plus

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Elgar’s Dominance and Farewell: India vs South Africa 1st Test

Dean Elgar showcased brilliance on Day 2 of the India vs South Africa 1st Test at Centurion.
He scored his 14th century, marking his farewell from international matches at Centurion.
This ton propelled South Africa to a total of 256/5, securing an 11-run lead against India.

In India vs South Africa 1st Test India managed to take two wickets in the final session of Day 2.
Debutant David Beddingham, who hit a fifty, was one of the dismissals.
Kyle Verreyenne fell cheaply, becoming Prasidh Krishna’s first Test scalp.

None of the six sessions in the match has favoured India, with Proteas winning three and three being shared.
At the end of Day 2, Proteas finished at 256/5, leading by 11 runs.
Dean Elgar remained unbeaten at 140, with Marco Jansen accompanying him at 3 off 13 balls.

Prasidh Krishna secured his first Test wicket using a DRS call.
Kyle Verreyenne, attempting to guide a rising bouncer, nicked off the gloves of keeper KL Rahul.
The on-field umpire missed the edge, but the review with Ultra-Edge confirmed the wicket.

Mohammed Siraj ended the 131-run partnership between Elgar and Bedingham.
He dismissed Bedingham, who failed to handle an angled-in delivery, hitting across the line.

An eventful session before tea saw Elgar achieving his 24th Test fifty and converting it into his 14th Test hundred.
Jasprit Bumrah took two quick wickets in an attempt to bring India back into the game.
Debutant Bedingham held on, contributing to an unbeaten 84-run partnership for the fourth wicket.
A total of 145 runs were scored in 33 overs during the session at a remarkable run rate of over four runs per over.
Elgar finished unbeaten on 115, while Bedingham reached 42 by the tea break.

KL Rahul

Proteas’ Commanding Position: India vs South Africa 1st Test

Elgar’s outstanding century has put South Africa in a commanding position.
The Proteas finished Day 2 with a lead of 11 runs and five wickets in hand.
The unbeaten partnership between Elgar and Bedingham has added stability to the South African innings.

India faced challenges in breaking the solid partnership between Elgar and Bedingham.
Bumrah’s quick wickets were a positive for India, but the Proteas still managed to maintain control.
The bowling attack will be crucial for India to make a comeback in the remaining days of the Test.

Elgar’s emotional farewell in his last international match at Centurion has become a memorable highlight.
The experienced batsman’s performance has been a crucial factor in South Africa’s dominance.
His determination and skill have been evident throughout the match, creating a fitting farewell.

David Bedingham’s debut innings showcased resilience, contributing significantly to South Africa’s total.
His partnership with Elgar played a crucial role in consolidating the Proteas’ position.
Bedingham’s ability to withstand the Indian bowling attack on his debut is a positive sign for South Africa.

Series Implications and Players to Watch: India vs South Africa 1st Test

India faces an uphill task to regain control in the remaining days of the Test.
Bowlers need to find breakthroughs early on Day 3 to put pressure on the Protea’s batting lineup.
The team’s resilience and ability to capitalize on opportunities will be crucial in turning the tide.

The SuperSport Park in Centurion holds sentimental value for Elgar, making his century even more special.
The Proteas will be motivated to perform well on their home ground and secure a victory.
Centurion’s conditions and pitch dynamics will play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the Test.

Day 2 of the Centurion Test will be remembered for Elgar’s masterclass, coupled with India’s bowling challenges.
The ebb and flow of the game showcased the competitive spirit between the two cricketing giants.

Elgar’s resilience and Bedingham’s debut stand provided Proteas with a solid foundation.
India’s bowlers, especially Bumrah and Siraj, displayed moments of brilliance but faced resistance from the Proteas.

India needs early breakthroughs to put pressure on South Africa’s batting order.
Proteas, on the other hand, will aim to extend their lead and set a challenging target for India.

The outcome of this Test will significantly influence the momentum of the series.
South Africa’s dominance could set the tone, while a comeback by India might lead to a more evenly contested series.

Eyes will be on Elgar, who continues to be the linchpin for the Proteas.
Indian bowlers, especially Bumrah and Siraj, are crucial for turning the tide in their favour.

The weather and pitch conditions will play a role in shaping the game on Day 3.
Bowlers may find assistance if there is movement in the air or deviation off the pitch.

Anticipation and Final Day Thoughts: India vs South Africa 1st Test

Cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding drama, hoping for a competitive and thrilling contest.
The Centurion Test has the potential to produce memorable moments, with fans anticipating twists and turns.

Day 3 commenced with anticipation as both teams geared up for a crucial phase of the Centurion Test.
Proteas aimed to extend their lead, while India sought early breakthroughs to regain control.

Dean Elgar resumed his innings with unwavering determination, looking to build on his monumental century.
His consistent form poses a significant challenge for the Indian bowlers, requiring strategic plans to dismiss him.

Indian pacers, led by Bumrah and Siraj, displayed resilience in the face of a formidable Proteas batting lineup.
Their ability to extract movement and create pressure will be pivotal in determining India’s success on Day 3.

South Africa’s batting strategy will revolve around consolidating the lead and putting India on the back foot.
The Proteas will look to build partnerships, with Elgar leading the charge and others contributing around him.

India, aware of the importance of early wickets, will focus on breaking partnerships and exposing the Proteas’ middle order.
Spinners might come into play as the game progresses, exploiting any assistance the pitch offers.

The crowd at Centurion adds another dimension to the game, providing energy and support for both teams.
Roars of encouragement or sighs of disappointment will echo the sentiments of cricket enthusiasts witnessing the contest.

The outcome of the Centurion Test will have broader implications for the series.
A South African victory could set a confident tone for the home team, while India will be determined to stage a comeback.

Cricket enthusiasts brace themselves for nail-biting moments as the battle unfolds between bat and ball.
Every run and wicket will be closely watched, with fans eagerly anticipating the twists and turns in this Test match.

As Day 3 progresses, thoughts also turn to the final day, where the climax of the Centurion Test will unravel.
The teams’ strategies, player performances, and the unpredictable nature of Test cricket will keep fans on the edge of their seats.


How did Dean Elgar perform on Day 2 of the Centurion Test?

Dean Elgar showcased brilliance, scoring his 14th century and marking his farewell with an unbeaten 140, leading South Africa to 256/5.

What challenges did India face during Day 2?

India struggled to break the solid partnership between Elgar and Bedingham, despite Bumrah’s quick wickets. Proteas finished the day with a lead.

What’s the significance of Day 3 in the Centurion Test?

Day 3 is crucial as Proteas aim to extend their lead, and India looks for early breakthroughs. Elgar’s resilience and the Indian bowlers’ performance are key points to watch.

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Sources: The Indian express, India today

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