Fact-Checking Policy

News Flash 18 is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of journalistic excellence, ensuring the dissemination of accurate information across all facets of our content. Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering, characterized by a meticulous approach that involves scrutinizing claims with skepticism, challenging assumptions, and questioning conventional wisdom.

The pledge to attain due accuracy in all our output is intrinsic to our reputation and the trust we cultivate with our diverse audience. The term ‘due’ underscores the necessity for accuracy to be not just sufficient but also tailored to the specific output, considering the subject and nature of the content. We explicitly highlight any constraints that might influence this expectation.

Our commitment extends to sourcing information responsibly, grounded in available evidence and corroborated by multiple reliable sources. We embrace transparency by openly acknowledging uncertainties and avoiding baseless speculation.

Our journalists adhere to the highest standards of integrity, refraining from deliberate plagiarism or distortion of facts and context, including visual information.

Seeking independent verification from credible sources is a cornerstone of our reporting, especially when dealing with claims, information, or allegations from public officials or those with agendas beyond truth-telling. Unsubstantiated content is attributed accordingly.

News Flash 18 staunchly stands by the accuracy of the information it publishes. Any proven discrepancies prompt swift corrections to news items or information. We are steadfast in avoiding material misinformation that could erode our audience’s trust, readily acknowledging and rectifying serious factual errors.

Providing an equitable platform for the public to report inaccuracies or errors is a vital part of our commitment to accountability. Our ‘Suggest A Correction’ section, appended to every web story, invites readers to contribute to the ongoing pursuit of accuracy.

The primary responsibility of our journalists encompasses reporting, writing, and rigorous fact-checking. Articles undergo thorough review by one or more editors, each assigned based on factors such as complexity, sensitivity, and time constraints. Our multi-level fact-checking structure ensures due diligence.

Correction Policies

While News Flash 18 continually strives for excellence and accuracy, we acknowledge that occasional errors may occur. When such errors arise, we assume responsibility for prompt correction, maintaining transparency to prevent the spread of incorrect information.

Reader Engagement

Readers spotting errors are encouraged to contact our Editor-in-Chief, Emilee Wentland, directly via email at contact@newsflash18.com, using the subject line “Correction Needed.” Corrections submitted directly to the Editor-in-Chief guarantee timely and thorough attention.

Correction Process

Upon receiving a correction request, the Editor-in-Chief initiates a comprehensive investigation, utilizing information provided by the reader, meeting minutes, reporter’s recordings, and other relevant sources. If an error is confirmed, corrective actions are taken across all dissemination channels:

Print: Corrections are prominently featured on page 2A in the next published issue, detailing the issue, article, incorrect information, and the correction.

Online (newsflash18.com): The article is corrected, and an editor’s note is appended to the article, outlining the inaccuracies and specifying when the correction was made.

Social Media: For articles posted on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, a correction post is made, linking to the corrected article and acknowledging the error.

The Editor-in-Chief ensures the reader who submitted the correction is informed of the corrective steps taken, fostering transparency and accountability in our commitment to accuracy.